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The Education Foundation in collaboration with Lifeline Human Care Society has launched a nationwide programme to identify and facilitate the extra-ordinary talented children of various age groups. Its main aim is to encourage and motivate talented children to develop 'Excellence' all over the world. In recognition of achievements and to appreciate their talent, EFC, according to its rules and programme, honors the selected children every year by giving them Awards in the form of Net Cash, Medals and momentoes along with Certificates of Excellence of value. Read More
Examination Updates
Exam Date: 26th Feb, 2018
Due Date: 15th Feb,2018
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Exam Date: 6th Feb, 2018
Due Date: 24th Jan,2018
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Exam Date: 23rd Jan, 2018
Due Date: 9th Jan,2018
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Exam Date: 3rd Jan, 2018
Due Date: 22nd Dec,2017
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Exam Date: 15th Dec, 2017
Due Date: 1st Dec,2017
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Exam Date: 30th Nov, 2017
Due Date: 16th Nov,2017
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Exam Date: 13th Nov, 2017
Due Date: 30th Oct, 2017
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Exam Date: 27th Oct, 2017
Due Date: 13th Oct, 2017
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Exam Date: 4th Oct,2017
Due Date: 19th Sep, 2017
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Exam Date: 15th Sep,2017
Due Date: 1st Aug, 2017
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Exam Date: 29th Aug,2017
Due Date: 16th Aug, 2017
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Participated Schools

Rules & Regulations
The Children for this Award will be selected on the basis of evaluation of their performance in written tests in an All India Talent Search Examination.Education Foundation will send the names of the meritorious children,with their recommendations,for giving them Awards. The recommendation list will include only such number of students for which the number of Awards could have been declared earlier by EFC. All children of Indian Nationality,including NRI,belonging to a particular class will be eligible to appear at the said examination.
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